Parents more Experienced than Children - Don’t Think So!

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Wherever parents are most likely already been ever counseled their children in the words …
- you do not understand at all
- “you still snot-nosed kids
- Dad and Mom had plenty to eat the salt of life
- you do not need to advise me
- Dad/Mom more experienced than you, if you do not believe, see it later
- and so on.
The statements above actually often occurs when parents had felt unable to steer their child appropriate advice.

The words above might be commonplace, but when the words of this kind more often delivered on a child, then the child instead of believing and obey their parents, even often on the contrary ... the child became less respectful, because the parents are considered arrogant, unwilling to accept at all the idea of the children, even your own as a parent when it considers it an arrogant person, you may not want to accept his advice instead? Your soul may be automated soon break and underestimate any such advice.

How parents should behave ??
- Do not often say about your greatness and ingenuity in front of children who deliberately intended to reject the idea of a child, and underestimate the ability of children.
There are times when children as if like to fight us - but actually not, in fact they want to express ways and ideas of their own and have not been comfortable with the idea that you offered.

- Never think you are as a parent is always better and always smarter than children, in today's information age where people can freely read the science of all media, many happens that young people know better than parents who have many years experienced,
That is why many creative and talented young people continuously bring forth a new generation.

- The best way to make children interested in greatness and ingenuity of parents is ... parents should expose the experience of what happened and provide a compelling reason why the child needs to emulate or avoid it fit your advice, then the child will consider it happily,

- Everyone has an idea, even toddlers and little kids though ... they also have the desire to do something with his own.
if the child was still insist to do in his own way, as long as it is not dangerous or harmful, parents should not have to worry about it, then what if your child turns his successful suit, then you should be proud of them, otherwise if it turns out you were right, then your credibility will rise in the presence of the child, the child will have more confidence to counsel the parents in the next time.    

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