Educate a Child - Have Responsibility & Admitting mistakes

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Child psychology Growth is the role of parents in instilling a sense of responsibility towards all his actions, so that while growing up they are easy to admit their own faults and do not like to look for scapegoats or assign blame for anything else.

Here are commonplace done by the parents ...
1. When a child falls and cries, the mother tries to stop his crying by angry to that floor, even hit the floor in front of their children.
The child is finally satisfied that the mother had hit something that caused him to fall off and pain.

2. When the child several times hitting his brother, then her brother hit back and the child was crying loudly, finally ... the father scolding the older brother and cheering the child.
The child finally satisfied that the father had scolded others that caused him crying.

Meanwhile ... that trivia which are often carried out like this is exactly what we planted in the soul of the child and will carry over until he was an adult, where difficult to admit their self mistakes, prefer to assign blame to others and looking for scapegoats.

Parents just realized after his son grow into a wayward child, this is because parents have instilled to them since childhood as the son who never guilty.

Well, Here is The Best Way to Do??
- The mother or father should try to calm crying / falling children  by rubbing the affected parts of the body to reduce pain, while gently reminding that in order to be more careful in the next and explained that falling is a normal thing that surely overrides all other children as well.

So ... if the above often happens to us, think before you act the same way, because any little thing we do with children, when it is often ... it will be embedded in his soul into adulthood.

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