IMPORTANT, Both Dad and Mom Must Understand PARENTING

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Why do children wayward to the mother only, or otherwise why children just afraid of his father, this should not happen ...
Mom and Dad, both must have abilities and the same powers as a decisive figure in the education of children, so that children do not hate or fear to one of them, dared to one of them, but could obey and loved both.

Differences in the hobby between father and mother are okay, but don’t get going  the edifying pattern differences for early childhood so that they do not support each other.
These are the dangers that often occur :
A little child is not understand yet about the right one, but only oriented to the happy or not.
This means ...
When a father who asks the child to stop playing and take a nap, but then the mother defending him - no problem to continue playing, then in the head of the child ...
- Dad is blocking my joy, He is a bad Dad.
- Mom give me pleasure, She is a good Mom.

As a result, the child will be more brave to his father, Like ignoring his father's orders, because they think there will be a mother to defend him.
IMPORTANT, Both Dad and Mom Must Understand PARENTINGThe importance of the father and mother have the same vision in daily children education.

Father and mother, both of them must both support each other and not confusing to set up their children, it can be obtained by means of the two must learn parenting and discussions to apply the same pattern about educate a child in daily activity.

Do not get only one of them who want to learn parenting and child psychology, while the other only by means of applying his own opinion, while the common case is ... so many parents do not understand the right knowledge of parenting.

Why this happened ??

The above items because people only receive formal education in schools, while no parenting science is taught in schools. The result ... in general the parents in the world will educate children with mazy policies according to their own opinions which turns a lot of mistakes and establish children who are not disciplined, stubborn, disobeying parents and other badness.

What about the other people present in the house ??

Sometimes there are other people in the home such as grandparents, suppose the grandfather / grandmother had different pattern in educate children, this must be addressed ...
If not, then a child still like to break, not obey the father and mother because grandfather / grandmother is ready to defend him.

Discussions between the father / mother and grandparents or whoever adults in our homes will be very important that at least has the same vision and the same pattern in the daily children's education.      

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